CU Senior Safeguard

CCUA offers member credit unions the ability to provide their employees a cutting edge online training solution which promises to provide staff the opportunity to learn how to identify elder financial exploitation - just another benefit of CCUA membership!

Studies suggest that between 3 and 5 million seniors fall victim to financial abuse, costing them approximately $36 billion each year. In CCUA’s national survey conducted in 2017, data showed more than two-thirds of familial caretakers reporting that their elderly relatives were once a target of a fraud or scam, with 28% of the elderly actually being the victim of a scam.

According to National Adult Protective Services, 1 out of 9 seniors experiences financial exploitation but only 1 in 44 will ever report it. Individuals who have been targeted may not even be aware of it, and those who are suspicious of fraud may not report it because they are too embarrassed, ashamed, or simply unaware of how to handle the situation.

Facing those alarming facts and statistics, it's time for all CCUA member credit unions to be trained and certified.

Produced in collaboration with EverFi, a leading national technology company that provides education through innovative and scalable digital learning, CU Senior Safeguard promises to equip all of us with the information we need to become a wall of defense for our elderly members and their caregivers and families.

Our members deserve our fullest trust and protection. Join us and your credit union colleagues throughout our Association in taking a big step forward towards combatting elder financial abuse.

In addition to the credit union staff certification resource, another version of the CU Senior Safeguard Program will soon be available to consumers offering guidance to the elderly and their caregivers.  The online training courses will provide seniors and their care givers the information they need to know to ward off this growing trend of exploitation impacting seniors. Once completed, the consumer resource will be made available on our Better Values - Better Banking website (

The certification provided by this program will support requirements outlined in the Senior Safe Act to allow credit unions safe harbor when it detects possible elder financial abuse.

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