Our Team

Cooperative Credit Union Association, Inc.
845 Donald Lynch Boulevard
Marlborough, MA 01752-4704


Toll Free: (800) 842-1242
Phone: (508) 481-6755
Fax: (508) 481-3586 

Ron McLean    |    President/CEO   

Nicole Lamotte    |    Executive Assistant


Donna M. Bevilacqua    |    Director, Community Relations & Events

Katherine Butler    |    Vice President, Advocacy

Mary Ann B. Clancy    |    General Counsel & Senior Vice President, Advocacy

Kevin Cole    |    Project Manager

Lisa Costello    |    Director, Client Services - MemberClose

Bryce Jackson   |    Director, Sales - Members Insurance Agency & MemberClose

Carole Langiu    |    Director, Communications

Walter Laskos    |    Chief Communications Officer 

Dean V. Martino    |    Director, Business Development

Daunielle A. McNeil    |    Administrative Assistant, Members Insurance Agency 

William F. Nagle    |    Senior Vice President, Professional Development

Melissa Pomeroy    |    Chief Revenue Officer

Dawn M. Roberts    |    Controller

If you are unsure of who you wish to speak with, send a general message to info@ccua.org   and someone will get back to you.  Reach the Compliance Hotline at complianceconnection@ccua.org