Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy for Credit Unions

We’re committed to protecting your interests—at the state and federal level.

At CCUA, we believe it’s critical to invest your dues dollars in legislative and regulatory advocacy to ensure your voice is heard. But we go beyond representing your interests before lawmakers and regulators. CCUA empowers you to understand the critical issues facing your credit union, giving you tools to promptly and effectively communicate with policymakers. 

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    Federal Legislative Advocacy

    Credit unions — both small and large — can rely on CCUA to voice their concerns before a national audience. From commenting on proposed legislation to tracking public hearings, statements, and lawmaker positions, CCUA provides members with federal representation. Learn More
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    Federal Regulatory Advocacy

    Anticipating regulatory change, promoting dialogue between credit unions and regulators, interpreting existing regulation, and acting as an advocate for credit unions in regulatory forums - these are just some of the ways CCUA helps credit unions build a regulatory environment that will benefit and protect credit unions and their members. Learn More
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    Advocacy Committees

    Discuss your credit union’s challenges with other CCUA members in your state. During advocacy committee meetings, you can help set legislative and regulatory policy addressing recent legislation. Discover how to become involved. Become Involved
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    Advocacy Events

    Participation in our year-round Advocacy Programs allows everyone to have a voice with lawmakers and regulators. CCUA will help you better understand your local, state and federal representatives; which lawmakers have supported important initiatives; and key information on legislative and regulatory hot-topics. Join Us
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    Grassroots Activities

    Discover how to support elected officials who will make positive choices on behalf of credit unions. At CCUA, we create opportunities to participate in political action fundraisers and other grassroots activities. Explore Options
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    Current Issues

    Stay up to date with CCUA's latest news and breaking developments. Alerts and legislative scorecards help keep you informed, while surveys provide the opportunity to lend your voice to positions. Be Informed

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Get in Touch

Whether you want to learn more about our advocacy efforts for credit unions or simply want guidance on speaking with policymakers, we encourage you to call us at (800) 842-1242, option 8, or contact us online at govaff-events@ccua.org.