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Resources for Small Credit Unions

Supporting the unique challenges of smaller credit unions through dedicated assistance tailored to meet specific needs.

Data & Reports

Find the right resources you need.  Don't see what you're looking for? Contact our Hotline at 800-842-1242 and ask for help.

America's Credit Unions Small Credit Union Committee Resources

Formed in 1999, America's Credit Unions' Small Credit Union Committee recognizes that success of smaller credit unions is vital to the future of the credit union movement. The committee meets quarterly to ensure the perspective of smaller credit unions is represented in efforts to inform and shape policy around the credit union landscape and provide additional resources specific to the unique needs of smaller credit unions.



The Daily CU Scan, published 5 days a week, is designed to provide credit unions with a quick, up-to-date look at the information most important to the credit union community.  

Daily CU Scan


CCUA offers smaller credit unions a network credit unions to work in cooperative fashion towards improving the resources for smaller credit unions.  

If you would like to join this Mentoring Network:

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Compliance Resources

InfoSight is CCUA's online compliance library.  It is available whenever you need to look something up quickly and remains free to all CCUA-affiliated credit unions.

CU PolicyPro provides over 300 model policies for credit unions to use in order to develop policies and procedures and is free to all CCUA-affiliated credit unions.

ComplySight allows credit unions to track and manage compliance efforts through a cloud-based management systems and is available at no cost to credit unions with assets under $100 million.  

For quick access to CCUA staff, contact the Compliance Hotline at 800-842-1242.

Education Resources

CCUA offers educational opportunities specific to the needs of smaller credit unions throughout the year.

View our Calendar of Events.

We are proud to partner with the Credit Union Webinar Network to bring you the best webinars and training in the industry. Beginning May 5, 2021, the CUWN will offer a Small CU Price of $169 per on-demand link to credit unions under $50 Million in assets. 

Learn more about the Credit Union Webinar Network

Public Relations

Do you need help writing a press release?  Would you like someone to review what you've written or need assistance with media relations?

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Chapters have always played a significant role in providing leadership, education, and networking opportunities within our local communities.  Chapters give credit unions the opportunity to meet regularly, get to know each other, and exchange ideas that help make the credit union community stronger.  

View information about our Massachusetts Chapters

View information about our New Hampshire Chapter 

Small Credit Union Network

CCUA provides smaller credit unions the opportunity to network quarterly in person and electronically by email through its Small Credit Union Network Listserv.  To join this network:

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Strategic Planning

Do you need strategic planning? 

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Member Resources

America's Credit Unions e-Scan

America's Credit Unions Small CU Salary Survey

Want a free copy of either of these resources?

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CDFI Certification

The community-based organizations that make this possible are called Community Development Financial Institutions—or CDFIs—and they are dedicated to serving market niches that are often underserved by traditional financial institutions.

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Small Credit Union Assistance Program

CCUA’s small credit union assistance grant initiative provides small credit unions with financial assistance for general operating needs that will ultimately help to improve member service. A small credit union, as defined by the NCUA is $200 million in assets and below.

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Solutions for Small Credit Unions

  • MemberClose: free access lending platform
  • Robert Half: discounts available on talent acquisition services
  • Synergent: discounts available for certain marketing campaign

Small Credit Union Series Webinar Recordings

View the Small CU Series Webinar Recordings