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CUNA Small Credit Union Committee Resources

CUNA's Small Credit Union Committee was formed in 1999 as a result of a task force recommendation to the CUNA Board that argued for the need for a committee that would track the issues affecting smaller credit unions and ensure the perspective of smaller credit unions is represented in efforts to inform and shape policy around the credit union landscape. Recognizing that factors other than size may determine the characterization of a "small" credit union, the committee uses $100 million in assets as a rough definition of 'smaller credit union.' 


Mission Statement:

The success of smaller credit unions is vital to the future of the credit union movement. The committee will be comprised chiefly of officials from smaller credit unions and will track issues affecting small credit unions. The committee will also promote unity between credit unions of all sizes and strive to defend against any and all threats to their cooperative, not-for-profit, democratic structure.

Goals for 2022:

  1. To play an active role in advocating for small credit unions at the federal level;
  2. To create a resource to help small credit unions change their mindsets and begin planning for future relevance;
  3. To build stronger relationships with our League partners; and
  4. To provide guidance to CUNA Strategic Services, which is working to bring to life a recommendation by the Committee to create buyers groups of small credit unions that would allow them to access critical services from business partners at reduced costs.

CCUA is proud to have our small credit unions represented by Ron Draper, President/CEO of Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union. If you have any questions about the committee’s work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the liaison to the committee, Tom Sakash, CUNA Manager of Small Credit Union Initiatives, at


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CUNA Strategic Services presenats a series of free webinars dedicated to connecting smaller credit unions with the business partners that can help them enhance their businesses and strengthen service to members.

Register once to attend any session in the series: second Thursday of the month | 2:00 PM CT through December 8, 2022. 

CUNA small credit union talent strategy guide

The committee has created the CUNA Small Credit Union Talent Strategy Guide that features insights from talent experts on how smaller credit unions can enhance the way they approach talent at their organizations.

CUNA small credit union succession planning guide

A step-by-step tutorial on how to conduct a professional and effective search for the next leader of your CU. Informed by executive search firms and credit union experiences, follow this organized guide and you will be in strong shape to hire the next CEO or other key staff. 


CUNA strategic planning facilitator's guide

Strategy is key to success for smaller CUs. This guide will allow you to conduct a world-class strategic planning session without hiring a third party. Chart your credit union's future state of success!

the state of small credit unions today

The 20-year update from CUNA Small Credit Union Committee on the current challenges and opportunities facing small credit unions and why their success remains tied to the success of the movement.

The CUNA-League System Small CU Webinar Series combines the resources of CUNA-League System to provide actionable, relevant and operation-improving best practices while bringing free education to small credit unions on the most important issues they face. While subjects are wide-ranging, the 60- to 90-minute recorded webinars aim to answer many of the biggest questions facing small credit unions, including how to gain new members, strengthen their lending, improve board engagement, invest in technology, continue serving members impactfully and many more. Watch recordings from August 4, 2020 - Spring 2021




Quarterly Updates from CUNA's Small Credit Union Committee:

Q1 2022 - The committee met with NCUA Board Chair Todd Harper at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference