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Synergent offers credit unions customized marketing solutions delivered by a team of professionals that work collaboratively to craft marketing strategies that perfectly align with each credit union’s unique objectives. The Synergent core philosophy revolves around prioritizing members ensuring that marketing initiatives connect and deeply resonate with the intended audience.

Data-driven marketing connects directly with the core to leverage data extracts ensuring campaigns feel personal and are relevant to every member. In addition to Synergent’s Marketing Suite of Services, credit unions can count on Synergent for overall marketing strategy, social media content, website development, as well as communication campaigns around mergers, products, and service adoption.


  • Core conversion communications
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing services for CCUA members
  • Member email automation
  • Onboarding and reboarding communications
  • Social media content
  • Statement processing
  • Targeted marketing
  • Transactional data mining
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