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Revolutionizing Onboarding - Future Forward Strategies for Credit Unions

January 11, 2024

In partnership with the Association of Vermont Credit Unions

Discover the two-minute account opening process with Glide for both new and existing members. Glide works anytime, anywhere, and is completely optimized for all platforms, including computers, phones, and branches. Glide helps Credit Unions grow by boosting deposits and creating new opportunities for growth through seamless onboarding.

Users can change direct deposit, request cards, fund accounts, take advantage of cross-selling opportunities, and more on the Glide platform. Glide enables the formation of meaningful connections with members from the very first point of contact.

View the recording.

Data-Driven Member Marketing Webinar | Synergent

Learn how you can use the data you already possess to determine which members to target in your marketing campaigns based on topics most relevant to them. This not only saves your credit union time and money, but can increase your response rates and, in turn, your bottom line. 

Featuring Doug MacDonald, Vice President of Marketing Services at Synergent, and Jen Braziel, Synergent's Data Mining Specialist III. 

September 14, 2023


Telling Your Credit Union Story

Streamed June 14, 2023

Storytelling does more than convey facts and figures. It helps to build and foster relationships, engender trust, enhance loyalty, and fuel further engagement. During this network meeting, hear today's expert storytellers share their personal tactics and insights for success. Present your questions and comments and share your successes to further enrich and energize all participants in this valuable discussion, which promises to help elevate your skills in telling your credit union’s story.


Susan Luke Evans
Certified Speaking Professional, Global Speaking Fellow
Susan is a master storyteller, as well as an author, storytelling coach, trainer, and keynoter. Combining her years of experience with her expertise, allows her to assist others in creating, crafting, and/or modifying a story they want to use as a part of a presentation, an overall organizational communication strategy, and/or a marketing campaign. Her practice assists leaders who want to elevate their messages to create flexible, engaged, and agile workplaces, and in the process maximize their personal ROI (Return on Influence). She believes that everyone should LIVE a great Story to build their Legacy, and subsequently increase the influence of their organization with its members. Susan has earned both the Certified Speaking Professional and the Global Speaking Fellow designations.

Richard Gose
Chief Political Officer, Credit Union National Association (CUNA)
For the past 34 years Richard has worked as a Political Affairs and Trade Association professional. He has applied his experience of campaign politics, grassroots activation, a well-developed understanding of the legislative process, and his expertise with targeted communications to advance the political operations for three major trade associations – the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the American Insurance Association (AIA), and currently, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). In more recent years, at CUNA, Gose has dedicated his unique skillset to enhance state and grassroot political efforts in the financial services sphere. He leverages partnerships with state associations to develop programs and services that assist credit unions in improving their legislative and political standing. These programs include Hike the Hill and Project Zip Code, which focus on building and improving the relationship between elected credit union champions and their constituents. Additionally, he has cultivated several advocacy training programs aimed at training credit union advocates on effective communication tactics.

Stephanie Smith, CUDE
Executive Director, America’s Credit Union Museum
As the Executive Director of America’s Credit Union Museum, Stephanie works with credit union executives, association leaders, and passionate credit union advocates in preserving America’s credit union history and philosophy. By serving as a steward of credit union history at its birthplace in Manchester, New Hampshire, she ensures America’s Credit Union Museum is a prominent fixture of the credit union movement. Stephanie also is heavily engaged in fundraising for the museum as well as running its day-to-day operations and developing its overarching strategy. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the International Council of Museums. She has earned the Credit Union Development Educator designation and under her direction, the museum won the Herb Wegner Award of Excellence, the credit union movement's highest national honor.

Isaiah Moskowitz
Founder and CEO, LTI Business Solutions
Isaiah is the founder and CEO of LTI Business Solutions, a creatively driven marketing and advertising agency based in the Boston area. After graduating from The New England School of Broadcasting in 1991, Isaiah began his career as a radio on-air personality on Steven King’s rock radio station in Bangor, Maine. He continued his career at what is today iHeart Media in Portsmouth, NH, serving as a radio personality and creative service director. From 2005 until 2016, Isaiah worked directly with hundreds of clients as a media salesperson for WJRR and others in Orlando, Florida; Sports Radio WEEI; The Red Sox Radio Network; WAAF; and WRKO in Boston. In 2016, Isaiah founded the marketing and advertising agency, LTI Business Solutions. The storytelling he provides for his clients such as Applebee’s, Circle K, Workers Credit Union, the Department of Veteran Affairs, Disabled American Veterans of Massachusetts, the Cooperative Credit Union Association, and more, is built on 30-plus years of real-life experience, attracting attention, and achieving lasting relationships results. What’s your story?

Sarah Snell Cooke
Principal, Cooke Consulting Solutions
CCS provides brand building, content marketing and public relations. She is also the co-founder and publisher of The Credit Union Connection, a media outlet supporting credit unions’ thrival by focusing on career development, educational opportunities and events, and business partners that bolster credit union growth. Sarah is a veteran of communications, previously serving in various roles over 18 years at Credit Union Times where she ultimately became publisher and editor, and the last seven years providing strategic communications consulting and execution for various credit unions and companies that serve them.

Your Money Further

Your Money Further is a national consumer-focused campaign tapping today's digital technologies to place credit unions top of mind. When combined with CCUA's locally-based initiative, Better Values - Better Banking, both campaigns functioning side-by-side will further strengthen, enhance  and promote  banking at credit  unions  to  consumers throughout the Association's states of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

When the Credit Union Awareness initiative moved from ideation to actualization in early 2019, the vision was very clear—increase consumers consideration for credit unions. And while the “why” remains the same, the world around us has completely transformed. Credit Union Awareness is ensuring that credit unions are top of mind with the 56% of American’s who don’t have a relationship with a credit union. 

The Credit Union Awareness program under the banner of "Your Money Further," is designed to increase consumer consideration for credit unions, empowering them to make financial decisions with confidence. The objective: increase credit union membership opportunities and market share. The paid digital campaign and are 24/7 engagement tools, already showing that consumer consideration of credit unions is increasing in states and regions where the campaign has been underway the longest.

CU Awareness, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Union National Association. CU Awareness, LLC, is responsible for the administration, fundraising and daily activities that drive consumers awareness and consideration for credit unions.

Now is the time to band together under the cooperative principles that have guided the credit union movement since its inception. To learn more and take the next step, watch the interview with Chris Lorence, Executive Director of the CU Awareness Campaign, click the link to access the slide deck, and finally, reach out to Chris to begin your credit union's effort to engage consumers through Your Money Further.



Click to access the Your Money Further slide deck

The Benefits of CU Offers

12-15-21 Webinar

Marketing & Business Development Network Meeting 

Our partners at Epic Marketing Consultants show Marketing & Business Development Network members how to save their members money throughout the year and strengthen member relationships with CU Offers! In addition, they share marketing tips that are easily transferrable to other credit union products and services.


Experience Banking Like Never Before

A CCUA  Marketing & Business Development Network presentation.

Featuring Peter Rice, Chief Banking Officer at Workers Credit Union.

Aired Sept 13, 2021

In his vision, traditional branches are out. PlanIts are in. Teller counters are replaced by sleek new booths where members manage their finances with the guidance of a certified financial wellness coach. He is dramatically changing the banking landscape, while harnessing the latest technology to provide members with a self-service approach to financial transactions. From holograms to robots, nothing is off the table in this banking philosophy that is innovative and precisely fine-tuned to creating a new value-based banking experience for both members and staff alike.

In this webinar you’ll have a chance to meet the credit union executive responsible for such innovation as CCUA’s Marketing & Business Development Network hosts Peter Rice, Chief Banking Officer at Littleton, Massachusetts-based, Workers Credit Union. During the presentation, Peter will share his insights, while graciously giving a tour of one of Worker Credit Union’s eye-catching PlanIts. Hear the behind-the-scenes story that is transforming and energizing the banking experience for members of Workers Credit Union, and for its PlanIt wellness coaches, whose roles and qualifications far surpass the duties and abilities typically ascribed to most personnel at bank and credit union branches.

The Writers Workshop

A four-part series designed to assist communicators in their overall efforts to tell the credit union story, construct press releases, pitch the news media, and think differently in ways that will help them stand out and rise above the competition.

Part One - Media Relations with Peter Shankman
Part Two - Anatomy of the Press Release
Part Three - Telling Your Credit Union Story
Part Four - Inspiration Everyday – Think Differently