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Cooperative Education

We understand the importance of traditional in-person classroom training for credit union learning. That's why we've seamlessly integrated virtual training options alongside our established offerings. Our comprehensive programming caters to the specific needs of your credit union, offering essential courses in supervision, management, and leadership development, ensuring your team is equipped with the skills they need to succeed.


Cooperative Education

Credit Union Employee Boot Camp

CU BootcampCU Credit Union Bootcamp is designed for newcomers with little to no prior knowledge of the credit union movement and industry. This intensive program caters primarily to frontline staff but welcomes all eager learners.

Delve into the rich history and fundamental principles of credit unions, and master essential skills in security, currency handling, and navigating robbery situations. From compliance essentials like BSA and OFAC to honing basic customer service prowess, CU Bootcamp equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of credit unions.


CU Bootcamp Virtual Session | June 26, 2024

CU Bootcamp Fall Session | September 18, 2024

Developing Great Managers

Developing Great Managers

Developing Great Managers is a dynamic and immersive three-day course designed for emerging leaders and staff on the trajectory towards management or supervisory positions.

Explore a wide range of topics crucial for effective leadership, including leadership style, managing difficult employees, have hard conversations, providing constructive feedback, mastering time management, honing delegation skills, refining interview techniques, enhancing communication proficiency, fostering team cohesion, and more. 

Throughout the course, a combination of interactive lectures, group discussions, and hands-on activities are used to ensure an engaging learning experience. By the end of the three days, participants will emerge as confident and capable managers!

Developing Great Managers Spring Session | May 14, June 18 & July 23

Developing Great Managers Fall Session | Oct 3, Nov 7 & Dec 5

Masterclass in Supervisory Techniques: Elevating Your Leadership

Masterclass in Supervisory Techniques: Elevating Your Leadership, formerly know as Supervisory Skills meets the everyday challenges of front-line supervision 

Are you transitioning from a staff position to a new supervisory role and looking for new skills to help in this transition? Or maybe you are supervising a difficult or challenging staff and need tools to manage conflict? Perhaps you want to update your supervision skills as part of your career development, or maybe you just want to be sure you are doing everything right to supervise your team to the best of your ability. 

Front line supervisors are one of the most important roles in a credit union. They monitor compliance with policies and procedures, influence morale, impact workflow, and ensure the success of their department or group. They are your talent pool for future leaders. 


Course schedule coming soon!

Exceptional Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

An Overview of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace | Exceptional Leadership is an advanced management program designed as a follow-up to our Developing Great Managers series and utilizes the complex study of ‘emotional intelligence’ as its foundation. “Emotional Intelligence refers to the competence to identify and express emotions, understand emotions, assimilate emotions in thought, and regulate both positive and negative emotions in the self and in others.” 

Through a series of presentations, group discussion, video clips, select exercises, case studies, and self-reflection, Exceptional Leadership will raise the bar for what you expect from yourself as a credit union professional and ultimately raise the bar for your staff as well.


Course schedule coming soon!

Account Administration

Account Administration has been developed to help credit unions understand the issues of ownership and control on deposit accounts. Credit union personnel will leave the session with a basic understanding of account oversight and transaction authorization, including personal and business accounts, trusts and other fiduciary relationships. A review of NCUA insurance coverage is included.

Course schedule coming soon!

Consumer Lending Basics

Consumer Lending Basics will walk participants through the lending process from inquiry to closing. We will discuss the regulations guiding the lending process, the importance of knowing and following your lending policies and procedures, how to obtain and evaluate the data needed for decisioning, and how to take advantage of cross-sell opportunities.

Course schedule coming soon!


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