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Educational Resources - CU Women's Leadership Alliance

Guides & Toolkits

CCUA offers an array of educational opportunities accessible through live and recorded programming presented by the Credit Union Webinar Network and CCUA's own internal Media Network.

In addition, members can also access CCUA's library of archived videoconference recordings and special presentations, 24/7, on the member portal. Log in is required.

CCUA's Media Network provides members with access to internally produced and hosted webinars and videoconferences as well as simulcast programs that are easily accessible on CCUA's YouTube and LiveStream Channels. Through the network, members enjoy convenient desktop access to many of today's leading educational programs and industry topics.

Credit Union Women’s Leadership Alliance (CUWLA) - April 26, 2023

Meet some of the founders and members of the Credit Union Women’s Leadership Alliance (CUWLA) and learn about the benefits of becoming a member. Members of the CUWLA are leaders of the credit union movement who are passionate about sharing ideas, building a diverse, inclusive network, and supporting the communities we serve. Founded in 2020, membership is now 150 strong and growing.