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Maple Street, Inc. provides a unique vendor management system for credit unions and community banks nationwide. Maple Street's revolutionary Vendor Advantage System® reduces expenses, improves vendor performance, manages risk, and guarantees compliance. The Vendor Advantage System® is designed to meet compliance requirements and includes a range of services that reduces costs, and actively manages vendors, risk and vendor performance. Maple Street has saved clients more than $100 million, a number that climbs higher each day. Maple Street was founded in 2003 and is based near Orlando, Florida. For more informaiton, call 800-513-6839 or visit


Ignore your contracts and your money will go away—fast!

MS- Performance

Maple Street - No Planning
Without good vendor planning, your credit union could be wasting millions of dollars of your members' money.

maple streetWhen an employee decides to independently negotiate or renew a contract, your credit union can lose big money.

Stop Wasting Time
The more time you have to negotiate, the better the results. Don't lose money by negotiating at the last minute.

DIY is for home-improvement projects, not negotiations​​​​​

Don't pay for products and services that you’re not using.

Wasting Money #773
Long term contracts and automatic renewals are like quicksand-  Don't get sucked under!

free negotiation

Contract negotiation is FREE until you win  

What To Do Between Due Diligence Reviews


Make short work of due diligence and pass your exam with Maple Street’s checklist for success

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Contact: Mike Crofts

Telephone: 800-513-6839