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Posh - AI for Credit Unions offers members a more effective way to communicate, providing and delivering intelligent, empathetic support, conversations and digital experiences through AI-driven call automation and cross-selling capabilities. Posh serves credit unions with multiple AI Assistants, so whether if it for voice, digital or employee knowledge, Posh has a solution creates efficiencies across multiple areas.


  • AI for Banking
  • Digital Assistant
  • Generative AI-powered Knowledge Management
  • Voice Assistance


Posh: Using Chatbots to Effectively Communicate

Nick Leonard, Senior Vice President of Posh, joins the Insider Forum to emphasize Posh's focus on language-based artificial intelligence chatbots for effective communication with credit union members. Leonard highlights the accessibility and affordability of Posh's AI services for smaller credit unions, providing examples of successful implementation with Somerville Federal Credit Union.

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