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National Credit Center

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National Credit Center offers credit unions a single provider for all credit bureau scores and compliance products. Bureau ID codes are supplied directly into all LOS/Core systems used for credit pulls with no change or additional work required. 

NCC is a channel provider for consumer credit data for all three bureaus. By actioning more than 50 million credit pulls annually on behalf of clients, NCC leverages its volume to obtain reduced costs from the credit bureaus and can supply the same data to lenders. Reliable, cost-effective, and complete credit and compliance. 

Every credit union member has a credit report and score providing a snapshot of their financial health. NCC leverages unique technology and innovative comprehensive credit reporting services to improve member service and grow your loan portfolio.


  • All bureau credit reports
  • Buyer alerts
  • Credit compliance
  • Verification services
  • Soft pulls


National Credit Center: Reduce Costs and Save Money

Kyle Wayland, Director of Sales at National Credit Center, joins the Insider Forum to share that NCC helps credit unions reduce costs associated with pulling credit reports by leveraging their partnership with all three credit bureaus. Wayland emphasizes that the goal is to save credit unions money, allowing allocation of those savings to member-driven initiatives.

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