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NetGiver is an exclusive-to-credit union charitable giving app available to members and community members of participating credit unions. Using NetGiver, members can make donations to any 501(c)(3) nationwide at no cost to them, directly from their credit union checking or savings account.

Zero means zero—no fees for the donor, credit union, or nonprofit donation recipient. NetGiver was developed by credit unions with a focus on supporting members and the community in which we all share. NetGiver provides a FREE way for your members to not only easily donate to the nonprofits of their choice but donating with NetGiver ensures that 100% of those donations to go directly to the nonprofit, eliminating the fees ($17.8 billion every year) that others take.


  • Fee-free giving mobile application
  • Custom branded credit union member donation experience
  • Advancing credit union philanthropic efforts

Benefits of NetGiver

Although the primary use of NetGiver is for credit union members to make donations, your credit union also benefits in many ways by:

  • Adopting a unique platform to use as a strategic resource to increase deposit accounts from existing members, along with acquiring new accounts from new members
  • Leveraging the deposit relationship to gain associated products such as eStatements, Direct Deposit, Online and Mobile Banking
  • Advancing your credit union’s philanthropic efforts 
  • Gathering and comparing member donation data to help shape sales and marketing efforts according to member interests
  • Providing an “in” to partner with nonprofits and other fundraising efforts to promote your credit union with NetGiver
  • Differentiating yourself in a way that makes you stand out from your competition and among the deposit tug-of-war environment
  • Financial planning regarding charitable giving of members

Case Studies

SPIRE Credit Union and NetGiver: Teaming up to strengthen community Case Study

Spirit of Grace Church Nonprofit Case Study


Introducing NetGiver 

Eric Berg, NetGiver’s president and co-founder, joins the Insider Forum to discuss how their donation platform eliminates fees for credit union members, and donors contributing to nonprofits. Berg highlights the enormous transaction fees normally associated with online giving and emphasizes the importance of maximizing every dollar when supporting social responsibility initiatives.

Homerun for Community Engagement with NetGiver 

Eric Berg, NetGiver’s president and co-founder, joins the Insider Forum again to discuss an event introducing the NetGiver – CCUA partnership. Credit union professionals and nonprofits gather for a "Home Run for Community Engagement” at Polar Park to network, and learn how NetGiver can enhance community engagement and social responsibility initiatives.

We CU Care

CCUA member credit unions and their memberships have access to We CU Care, a gateway to fee-free giving on the NetGiver platform. 

Fee-free giving for CCUA credit unions is just a few steps away:

  1. Download the NetGiver mobile app
  2. Link your CCUA member credit union account to fund your donation
  3. Select your cause from a wide range of local and national nonprofits that align with your passions
  4. Donate fee-free knowing that every cent goes directly to nonprofit you select

Download NetGiver mobile application

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