2019 Awards of Excellence - Stewart Steele

Hall of Fame (Career Achievement)

Stewart Steele has been the CEO of the Quincy Credit Union since early 1979. He truly is the heart of Q C U, spearheading its growth from being a credit union with assets of 8 million dollars and 4,500 members, which were serviced by 7 employees, into a credit union which has increased to 557 million dollars in assets; and 35,000 members which are serviced by 74 employees.

During his tenure he had participated with the Board of Directors in 2002 in acquiring and constructing a new location for a new corporate headquarters to accommodate the Credit Union’s growing membership and employee staff.

In 2005 he championed two initiatives, one being a name change from Quincy Municipal Credit Union to Quincy Credit Union, and the other being a change in the field of membership which was increased to include all City of Quincy employees, and any individuals living or working in Norfolk or Plymouth County. Also included in the field of membership were individuals who resided in sections of Dorchester. 

In 2006, he managed the successful merger of the Braintree Educators and Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union into the Quincy Credit Union. Then in 2009, once Again, Stewart was the driving force to acquire a site to establish a branch location to better serve the Q C U members and to promote further growth and expansion. His efforts, coupled with the positive influence of the Board, led to a branch being established in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

His positive style of leadership has led to the development of a professional, dedicated and long serving senior management team. Because of this, the Quincy Credit Union has been able to successfully conduct business operations, which have provided excellent and comprehensive financial services and products to each and every member.

Stewart also found time to serve as an elected Director of the Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation Board from 1979 to 1990. He chaired this Board in 1986 and 1987. Currently he serves as a Director on the Eastern Corporate Federal Credit Union Board. He also is an Elected Trustee of the Credit Union Employees Retirement Association.

Although each and every one of us can be replaced, replacing Stewart Steele will not be an easy task, for every year of his tenure, including last year which was his fortieth year of being the CEO of the Quincy Credit Union, he worked hard and diligently to establish a strong financial position, an excellent management team and a modern and comfortable work environment. All of this has added up to a wide range of member financial services and products, which have enabled Quincy Credit Union to continue to be successful and to insure a sense of financial stability for many years to come.