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Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

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More than 25 years ago, Massachusetts Credit Unions began working with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (Coalition) to aid them in their efforts to support homeless families. Over the years, that relationship, the bond between credit unions and this outstanding organization, has become stronger as has the respect for the tremendous work that they do. 

The reason for the lasting success of the relationship between Massachusetts Credit Unions and the Coalition is a shared commitment to service. The Coalition’s mission statement clearly states that commitment:

"The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless was the first advocacy organization in the Commonwealth with a mission dedicated exclusively to ending homelessness. The Coalition was founded by a group of concerned citizens who recognized that homelessness was a complex and wide-spread problem that was affecting men,women and children across the state.  Realizing that emergency services alone could not solve homelessness, the Coalition’s mission is to address the broader factors that contribute to homelessness."

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A Bed for Every Child Initiative

Today in Massachusetts, one out of seven children are growing up in poverty. One of the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty is to ensure that a child receives an education that can help lift them out of poverty as an adult. The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless has focused its work with a lens on how it can create the support needed to help make that possible, by developing innovative programming which meets unmet needs.

“A Bed for Every Child” was created in 2012 with the simple mission of giving a child growing up in poverty a bed of their own. Although a bed may not seem like the most pressing social issue, studies have shown that the lack of a good night's sleep plays a negative role in a child’s development and his/her education. An average of 200 requests for beds are made to A Bed for Every Child each month. During the past year, more than 2,800 beds were delivered to children in need through partnerships with public schools and other community agencies statewide in Massachusetts.

It is through the generous support, collective power, and spirit from the Massachusetts Credit Unions that A Bed for Every Child can meet the growing need. The children that receive a bed are now getting a restful night’s sleep that can prepare them for a better future.

To learn more about "A Bed For Every Child" Initative, please visit

Watch a special webcast showcasing the relationship between the Masschusetts Credit Unions and "A Bed For Every Child"

Massachusetts Credit Unions - Giving Back to the Community 

Massachusetts Credit Unions Social Responsibility Fundraising Activities Include:

  • Annual Appeal
  • Stephen Jones Charity Golf Tournament
  • 'Walk Home' 5K
  • Granite State Candy Shoppe (Hope Candy Bars) 
  • Chapter Donations
  • Lobby Canisters
  • Annual Convention Silent Auction
  • Individual Credit Union Initiatives/Personal Donations

Other Activities Include: