2018 Career Achievement - Milton Jackson

Milton W. Jackson
Franklin First Federal Credit Union

Franklin First Federal Credit Union (FFFCU) nominates Milton W. Jackson, Vice President of Operations of FFFCU for this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Milt’s career at Franklin First has spanned 14 years, however Milt has been in the financial industry for well over 40 years.  While Milt’s title is Vice President, like many people in the credit union industry, he has filled many rolls. From BSA compliance officer, to the go-to IT handy man , and everything in between , he is a jack-of-all trades and has insured that the credit union continue to run full steam ahead at all times.

In 2018 Milt announced that he would be scaling back his hours and heading toward retirement.   In preparation, Milt has begun to train our Operations Officer to step into his shoes to fill the void that he will inevitably leave behind.  Milt’s time at Franklin First has been invaluable.  He has been a main reason that Franklin First has become more technologically advanced in our products and services. He took the reins of Operations and IT and allowed Franklin First to be more competitive in the marketplace.   Although he has scaled back his hours, his commitment remains the same. Milts passion lies in IT and even in his eminent retirement, he looks forward to continuing to be an asset to Franklin First in this capacity.  Milt’s has always been generous in sharing his knowledge with his co-workers, allowing us to grow through achievements and setbacks throughout the years. His support and guidance has meant the world to many employees at Franklin First.

 At Franklin First, we consider ourselves a family, we dedicate so many hours working together , that we can’t help but become attached to one another, and Milt, who has allowed us to affectionately call him Milty, or Uncle Milty, has been at the heart of our family.  I can’t help but get a little misty eyed while I write this, because while we all agree that he deserves to finally enjoy  some free time, to be able to travel and see the world like he has dreamed of doing, it will still be hard to not see him every day in this home-away-from-home we all share.  We will miss how he has a knack for being able to stir up a little dialogue about current events, or the Yankees (we know!), and he has been great at keeping us up to date on all the latest technological schemes out there that we need to be weary of and avoid at all costs.

For these reasons we respectfully submit Milton W. Jackson as a nominee for the 2018 Lifetime Achievement award. While he is a man who does not seek recognition, he is deserving of them for all his contributions to Franklin First FCU. We would never be who we are today, if it was not for his tireless efforts over his past 14 years as a part of our family.