2018 Career Achievement - Michael L’Ecuyer

Michael L'Ecuyer
Bellwether Community Credit Union

Mike’s career has been about improving people’s financial lives since first joining the credit union industry in 1998. Mike easily transitioned from the for-profit banking environment to the cooperative credit union culture.  It was easy to see that not only did he “get it”, he also began living it, and for the last twenty years Mike has challenged others to live it as well.

He joined Bellwether Community Credit Union (formerly known as Telephone Credit Union of NH) as the Senior Vice President, and was named President/CEO in 2001.  Under his direction, the credit union has transitioned from a single location closed credit union to a community credit union that serves anyone who lives or works in New Hampshire.   BCCU has grown from $197 million to $500 million in assets and more than doubled the number of employees from 39 to 90+. 

Mike embraces the role of a leader and mentor inside his organization, in the financial services industry and throughout the community.  Mike has a unique ability to get to the heart of an issue and get people rallied around a common goal.  He has used this gift in all of his work with incredible results.  People that have worked for or with him have described that Mike has seen potential in them and that he looks for ways to help them grow and develop as leaders. This style has translated into a dynamic and cohesive team.  Mike’s management team has seen little turnover in the sixteen years he has been CEO.

Mike has been a strong proponent for credit unions as a fervent partner with both the NHCUL and CCUA in credit union advocacy efforts.  In addition to being a long –term director and Chair of the NHCUL, he served on the tri-state merger committee, and is a 13 year member of the NHCUL Political Action Committee and Chairman of the NH Federal and State Legislative Activities Fund Raising Committee.  He regularly attends regulatory roundtables, CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference, Hike-the Hill, and meets with our regulators to be sure they have a full understanding of how issues impact credit unions. 

Mike has held leadership positions in the financial services industry at the local, regional and national level.  In any role he takes on he is actively engaged.  One notable example of Mike’s vision, leadership and commitment is his service as Chairman of America’s Credit Union Museum (ACUM).  He has also advanced credit union issues as a member of the FRB’s Community Depository Institution Advisory Council; Chair of NEACH; member of the FHLB Advisory Board, Director of CUNA and member of CUNA’s Cooperative Alliance Committee. 

Mike’s dedication has had a profound effect not only on the credit union movement, but also has brought the spirit of credit unions well beyond the credit union community.  Mike has a genuine passion to get involved in his community and truly make a difference in everything he does. 

For these and many more reasons we wholeheartedly nominate Mike for the Lifetime Achievement Award.