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TraceSecurity is a leading provider of IT security compliance, risk, and audit management solutions. A CUNA Strategic Services partner since 2006, the company helps credit unions small and large achieve, maintain and demonstrate IT security compliance, while significantly improving their security posture. TraceSecurity delivers its solutions to credit unions through an integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform backed by expert professional services.

Navigating IT security compliance standards is a complicated, ever-changing landscape for most credit unions. Having a knowledgeable partner like TraceSecurity means that your credit union’s IT staff has a go-to resource to assist them in anticipating, interpreting and responding to requirements. IT security is so important to every credit union’s reputation and to the safety of members. Credit unions have peace of mind knowing that they have a strong, integrated program in place to protect their interests.

TraceSecurity offers a comprehensive group of solutions, which is important when selecting an IT security provider. Because a credit union’s IT security systems are inter-dependent (or should be!) it is helpful to have a trusted partner that can see the whole picture and takes ownership of more than one little slice. Choosing a single, experienced source like TraceSecurity for IT security compliance, risk, and audit management solutions, provides an effective, orchestrated, dependable end-to-end solution.

Contact: Dean Martino

Telephone: 800-842-1242