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NEACH provides the collective wisdom, national voice and networking opportunities to ensure a safer, stronger ACH Network and payments industry for today and future generations. Committed to educating members on the NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines and the larger payments landscape, our staff of Accredited ACH Professionals provides the expertise, tools, and resources you need to navigate and utilize the ACH Network and payments space to increase revenue and enhance member services. We are a partner and here to help you succeed. As a non-profit association, we subscribe to a genuine member focus of people helping people, our goal is to serve our members. No matter your size, as a NEACH member, you matter. As a Regional Payments Association, we are a direct, voting member of the National ACH Association (NACHA), we solicit member feedback prior to voting on amendments to NACHA Operating Rules to ensure your specific needs and concerns are heard. NEACH also provides a variety of high quality services, including: AAP Certification and Continuing Education Credits; NCP Certification and Continuing Education Credits; ACH and Payments Education; ACH Rules and Regulations Hotline; Custom On-Site Education; Operations and Payments Conferences; Payments Management and Strategy Services.

Contact: Janet Merlet, Vice President, Membership Services
Telephone: 781-321-1011