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Alera Group, Inc. provides comprehensive insurance, risk management, human resource, technology and financial services. Alera Group is among the fastest growing and largest insurance brokers in the United States.

Senior Partner of Alera Group Mike McKenna said, “Our mission is to completely transform the Credit Union client experience by providing a greater depth and breadth of employer resources and the most innovative industry thinking that comes from the constant collaboration among our 90+ firms”.

Michael J. McKenna, Senior Partner

Alera Group and CCUA are excited to offer NEXGEN! NEXGEN leverages the combined purchasing power of over 200 member organizations offering employee benefits with better quality at a lower cost. It is accessed through an easy and customizable web-based experience offering progressive and affordable Telemedicine, Pharmacy savings, low-cost Vision, Dental and Voluntary plan options.

Our benefits will help credit union members make smarter healthcare purchasing decisions by explaining how to better access care. It enhances existing benefits while saving employees and their families money.

These offerings include:

- Telemedicine
- Virtual Dermatology
- Virtual Behavioral Health
- Laboratory Testing
- Pharmacy Savings
- Health Risk Assessment
- Second Opinion Services
- Medical Pricing Transparency and Medical Bill Negotiation
- Discounted Vision and Dental programs
- Critical Care and Voluntary plans for higher wage earners.


Below are videos highlighting what NEXGEN has to offer:

Introduction to NEXGEN


Telemedicine Benefits


Pharmacy Benefits


Vision and Voluntary Benefits