2020 Awards of Excellence-Jason Mellinger



Jason Mellinger's Nomination Letter reads:

"In the time he has been with DEXSTA, Jason has risen to the challenge of managing our busiest and most diverse branch. His fresh, professional and member-centric approach has had far reaching effects beyond his branch. Jason’s thoroughly researched, detail-oriented analysis of branch trends have elevated the efforts of not only his own staff, but his peers have been positively influenced as well.

While I have personal perspective of why he is deserving of this honor, comments from his staff and members tell his story better than I could.

His staff tell me Jason always has a optimistic attitude towards all challenges which is contagious.  He listens to his staff, praises their accomplishments and he keeps things positive and upbeat when times are tough. Jason demonstrates genuine concern for their unique circumstances and concerns. He does morning rounds with all his staff to touch base, discover issues early and find solutions before they become bigger problems.

Jason takes the time to recognize all his staff on birthdays and personal milestones to keep morale high. Jason treats his staff out of his own pocket periodically to lunch or snacks to show his appreciation for their hard work.

However, Jason’s leadership does not stop at the branch doors. He also takes every chance he can to volunteer in the community and demonstrate the Credit Union difference. In the past year, Jason has participated in preparing dinner at the local Ronald McDonald House for families of children being cared for at AI DuPont Hospital for Children. He has greeted attendees at the Middletown Peach Festival to talk with existing members and share the benefits of membership with those who are not yet members. In February, he took a day to meet with lawmakers in Washington DC during the GAC Conference amongst many other events. Jason sets a wonderful example for staff that no one is above doing any task in the service of our members and the community.

Members tell me they appreciate him as well. He goes out of his way to introduce himself to new members so they have him as a contact. This makes them feel welcomed and valued at DEXSTA.

Once they meet Jason, Members seek him out because he listens, he is knowledgeable and finds innovative solutions to their unique needs. He is a trusted advocate for the members, always looking for ways to save them money; whether it be by reducing payments and interest through refinancing a vehicle or paying off high interest credit cards, he is truly living the People Helping People philosophy every day.

Jason and his branch have had their share of challenges this year. In addition to adapting to branch operations in the time of COVID-19 as we all have, the Prices Corner branch dealt with other major issues. The branch has had to deal for years with an ongoing flooding issue that reared its ugly head more than once this year. Jason and his staff also reached out to authorities and helped coordinate an in-branch police sting operation to catch an identity thief trying to defraud our members.

In May, the branch staff was shaken unexpectedly by a truck driving into the branch during business hours - directly into the office where one of their staff members was working! Jason was next door and first on the scene. Luckily only a minor injury resulted but this caused two offices (including Jason’s office) to be temporarily condemned while the branch was being repaired. Jason was displaced, but he took this in stride and with a cheery demeanor as he does with all trials. Even though he was relegated to working from the Reception Desk out of necessity for a few months, he remarked that he didn’t mind because the move meant he got to be closer to more members, share in their joy over a new car, hear their frustrations and feedback, and also understand better the challenges his front line staff had to deal with on the front lines daily.

These are not everyday occurrences and they call for an extraordinarily cool head and strong leadership to take charge of the situation, reassure staff and put forth a clear vision of a path forward. Jason exhibits those leadership qualities on a daily basis."