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Mortgage Academy for CCUA Members

Unlock lending potential and retain top talent


CCUA member credit unions receive an exclusive discount on the Mortgage Academy, an innovative online training program powered by MemberClose. As a co-owner of MemberClose, CCUA’s Cooperative Education team is committed to providing valuable educational resources and professional development opportunities.

CCUA Education Discount

Mortgage Academy Overview

Mortgage Academy

The Mortgage Academy, powered by Member Close and in collaboration with the CCUA, includes progressive on-demand virtual training modules giving finance professionals the skills and knowledge to excel in the mortgage lending space. The self-paced approach allows learners to progress through the material at their own speed, ensuring work commitments are managed while advancing knowledge and investing in the future.

Registered participants have six months to complete the modules in the Mortgage Academy Learning Management System. However, access to the content and resources is available indefinitely.

Enroll in the Mortgage Academy

CCUA Member Discount

CCUA member credit unions have access the Mortgage Academy, a comprehensive virtual mortgage lending course, at a significant discount. Through this initiative, CCUA aims to enhance the capabilities of its members, ensuring they're equipped to provide top-tier mortgage services to their communities.

Special pricing exclusive to CCUA credit unions for the remainder of 2024 when enrolling in the Mortgage Academy.

•    $499 per learner for individual enrollments.
•    Volume Discount: $399 per learner when enrolling five or more participants.

The Mortgage Academy, normally valued at $995 per person, covers a wide range of essential topics, including mortgage lending fundamentals, compliance, underwriting, and member service excellence. By participating in the Mortgage Academy, credit union professionals gain practical insights and hands-on experience, encouraging them to drive growth within their organizations.

Enroll in the Mortgage Academy | $499 per learner

Group (5+) Academy Enrollment | $399 per learner

Exclusive member discount valid for CCUA credit union professionals only through December 31, 2024.

Mortgage Academy Training Modules


  1. Mortgage Loans and ProcessMemberClose
    • Build a foundation of knowledge with an understanding of terminology, non-qualified vs. qualified mortgages, secondary market, ARMs, equity lending, portfolio loans, participations, and application review.
  2. Mortgage Borrowers
    • Focus on the credit aspects of the mortgage process, including credit reports, credit review the 5 C’s of credit, pre-qualification vs. pre-approval, debt ratios, and income.
  3. Mortgage Property
    • Explore property types, flood zones, appraisals, and automated valuation models to understand how crucial they are for making informed lending decisions and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Real Estate Purchase Process
    • Review purchase transactions including contracts, listing terms, pre-foreclosure/short sale properties, home inspections, title review, trusts, taxes, exemptions, and the closing process.
  5. Refinance Transactions
    • Learn to navigate mortgage refinance transactions with on topics, such as eligible and ineligible refinance types, cash-out refinances, and streamline refinance options.
  6. Think Like an Underwriter
    • Cover the fundamentals of mortgage underwriting, including the key elements to better understand underwriting decisions in the mortgage industry.
  7. Mortgage Regulations
    • Understand the laws and regulations that govern the mortgage industry that are crucial for maintaining compliance and conducting business ethically.
  8. Mortgage Servicing
    • An all inclusive introduction to mortgage servicing covering the main functions and responsibilities of mortgage servicers, relationships, and more key details.

About MemberClose

MemberClose is a financial services provider specifically designed for credit unions and is jointly owned by the Cooperative Credit Union Association, Inc. and Pivot Lending Group.

Since 2004, MemberClose has aimed to save credit unions time and money in the real estate lending process, from origination to servicing, by offering a streamlined approach. This cost-effective lending platform provides an efficient end-to-end processing solution, enabling credit unions to focus on their members. Serving nearly 300 credit unions across the United States, MemberClose aggregates top-tier service providers into a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

To learn more about MemberClose, visit: