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Meeting Members Digital Money Movement Expectations

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Discover the optimal strategies for Credit Unions to enhance member services. Explore instant money movement, secure networks (Real-time payments, FedNow, bill payments), establishing credit unions as primary financial institutions, reducing total cost of ownership, and boosting deposits to compete effectively in the financial landscape. Join our webinar for insights and solutions.

Unlock the tools to achieve the most efficient way to help your credit union's membership with these tools:

  • All Data PFM enables you to know where your members other accounts are. This data is very valuable to upsell and become the primary FI for your membership, while also gaining legitimate indirect member with the help of the FiServ Impact marketing hub.
  • Reach 95% of all DDA’s within the entire money movement ecosystem with Real Time Payments via the FiServ NOW network. Things change quickly--scalability is key.
  • From a BillPay perspective, Bill Discovery enables your members to select bills to pay based off their identity as opposed to manually entering. This makes the member experience efficient and convenient, again the goal is to make your credit union the main financial institution.
  • From a The FedNowSM Service & Real Time Payments perspective FiServ is an authorized service provider monitoring their own monitored NOW network – exclusive to Fiserv

Collaborative Webinar

This webinar is hosted in collaboration with the New York Credit Union Association.


February 28, 2024 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST