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Guidelines for submitting articles and news releases to the Daily CU Scan

  • Stories in word format, 300- 500 words or less. 
  • Additional resource documents (.pdf format) need to be submitted with the story, with resource links highlighted. 
  • Photos (.jpg) of events, credit union happenings, education sessions, etc. are welcome; not all will be included in the email newsletter. Additional photos will be displayed on the website. 
  • Please note names of individuals in photos in L-R format or provide caption.
  • Logos to be used should be included with story, in .jpg format, 1200 pixels or less

Guidelines for submitting banner advertisements

 Image must be in GIF, PNG or JPG format and less than 90KB in size and it can NOT have any spaces in the filename.

 Banner Ad sizes (pixels)

  • Full size- 768w x 336h
  • Half size horizontal- 768w x 178h

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