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Guidelines for submitting articles and news releases to the Daily CU Scan

  • Stories in word format,  300 words or less. If the content requires a longer story, please provide a recap of 300 words or less and then the full story will be added to the website and a link to the full story will be included in the emailed newsletter. 
  • Additional resource documents (.pdf format) need to be submitted with the story, with resource links highlighted. 
  • Photos (.jpg) of events, credit union happenings, education sessions, etc. are welcome; not all will be included in the email newsletter. Additional photos will be displayed on the website in a carousel type format. 
  • Please note names of individuals in photos in L-R format or provide caption. If neither is provided, a caption relative to the story will be created. 
  • Logos to be used should be included with story, in .jpg format, 1200 pixels or less

Guidelines for submitting banner advertisements

One advertisement slot for vendors/partners per issue and one advertisement per issue for CCUA.  Banner Ad sizes (pixels): 

  • Full size- 768w x 336h
  • Half size horizontal- 768w x 178h
  • Half size Vertical -384w x 336h

Daily CU Scan Archive Library

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