New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Chapter of Credit Unions is made up of credit unions that are headquartered in New Hampshire.



Officers of the New Hampshire Chapter

Jon Oglebay, Chapter President
Bellwether Community Credit Union
(603) 645-8109

Steve Macek, Chapter Vice President
St. Mary's Bank 
(603) 629-1380

VACANT, Chapter Treasurer 

Lyn Anderson, Chapter Secretary
Triangle Credit Union
(603) 622-4156

Debbie Auger, Chapter Director
Northeast Credit Union
(603) 422-9801

Edina Cehic, Chapter Director
St. Mary's Bank
(603) 629-1532

May Hatem, Chapter Director
Service Credit Union
(603) 422-8359

Cynthia McCormick, Chapter Director
Members First Credit Union of N.H.
(603) 641-2420

Kristy Methot, Chapter Director
Holy Rosary Credit Union
(603) 332-6840

Member credit unions of the New Hampshire Chapter