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The Cooperative Credit Union Association is governed by a board of directors.  Details and resources about the governance of CCUA may be found here.

Front Row L-R: Jerry King, president/CEO, DEXSTA Federal Credit Union; Ronald Draper, president/CEO, Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union; Robert Cashman, president/CEO, Metro Credit Union; Anabela Grenier, president/CEO, Pioneer Valley Federal Credit Union; David Suvall, president/CEO, Rhode Island Credit Union; John O'Brien, president/CEO, Leominster Credit Union.  Back Row: L-R: John "Bernie" Winne, president/CEO, Boston Firefighters Credit Union; Paul Gentile, president/CEO, CCUA; Ronald Covey, Jr., president/CEO, St. Mary's Bank Credit Union; Brian Hughes, president/CEO, Holy Rosary Credit Union. Absent from photo:  Ellen Ford, president/CEO, The People's Credit Union; Meredith Jeffries-Snedeker, president/CEO, New Castle County Delaware Employees Federal Credit Union.


  • Ellen N. Ford
    Ellen N. Ford

    Chair of the Board
    The People's Credit Union

  • Robert M. Cashman
    Robert M. Cashman

    Metro Credit Union


  • Chair - Roland Draper
    Chair - Roland Draper

    Somerville Municipal Federal Credit Union

  • Anabela P. Grenier
    Anabela P. Grenier

    Pioneer Valley Federal Credit Union