Experience Banking Like Never Before

A CCUA  Marketing & Business Development Network presentation.

Featuring Peter Rice, Chief Banking Officer at Workers Credit Union.

Aired Sept 13, 2021

In his vision, traditional branches are out. PlanIts are in. Teller counters are replaced by sleek new booths where members manage their finances with the guidance of a certified financial wellness coach. He is dramatically changing the banking landscape, while harnessing the latest technology to provide members with a self-service approach to financial transactions. From holograms to robots, nothing is off the table in this banking philosophy that is innovative and precisely fine-tuned to creating a new value-based banking experience for both members and staff alike.

In this webinar you’ll have a chance to meet the credit union executive responsible for such innovation as CCUA’s Marketing & Business Development Network hosts Peter Rice, Chief Banking Officer at Littleton, Massachusetts-based, Workers Credit Union. During the presentation, Peter will share his insights, while graciously giving a tour of one of Worker Credit Union’s eye-catching PlanIts. Hear the behind-the-scenes story that is transforming and energizing the banking experience for members of Workers Credit Union, and for its PlanIt wellness coaches, whose roles and qualifications far surpass the duties and abilities typically ascribed to most personnel at bank and credit union branches.