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Exploring the Value: Partnership with the Defense Credit Union Council

Webinar aired May 23, 2022

Host: Walter Laskos, Chief Communications Officer, CCUA
Guest: Tony Hernandez, President/CEO, Defense Credit Union Council

An informational webinar designed to introduce CCUA Member Credit Unions to the services of DCUC and the value it can bring to the veterans among your membership.

Chances are good that there are scores of military veterans within your membership constantly seeking information and guidance pertaining to them and their service to our country. Now through a new affiliation between the Cooperative Credit Union Association and the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC), your credit union will have access to news and informational updates to share with your member veterans on DCUC’s advocacy efforts and support services.

Since 1963, DCUC's mission is to act as the primary liaison to the Department of Defense for defense credit unions and is the Department's principal conduit to defense credit unions on military bases stateside and overseas. Whether working strategic or operational issues, or addressing regulatory or legislative matters, the Defense Council's close working relationship with DoD has ensured members of the United States Armed Forces and their families are provided financial services in the finest traditions of the credit union philosophy.

Learn how your credit union can tap this valuable new channel of information tailored specifically to the veterans who belong to your credit union. 

Special Monthly Benefits
Veteran Pension
Recognition Video by DCUC and Armed Forces Financial Network

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