072522 Funds Transfers

Funds Transfers: New Technologies, Compliance and the Future 
Video Streamed: July 25, 2022    |    1:00 PM


Adam Swartzbaugh, CEO & Founder, Almond Fintech
Adam earned his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Relations at Brown University. He holds several Masters Degrees, including a Master of Arts (M.A.) from Brown in Development Studies, a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) as a Legatum Fellow and Tillman Scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Masters in Public Administration (M.P.A.) as a Center for Public Leadership Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School

Yunus Sevimli, CTO & Co-Founder, Almond Fintech
Yunus earned both his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Masters of Science (M.S.) in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He went on to earn his Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Mohammad Hamdy, Head of Law & Public Policy, Almond Fintech
Mohammad earned a LL.M.,Law and S.J.D., International Economic Law, Harvard Law School, and Visiting Assistant Professor, Yongxiong Fellow, Tulane University, 
Editor In Chief For Policy, This Week in Fintech.

Jeff Kern, Chief Compliance Officer, Almond Fintech
Jeff's background includes Legal, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance, and Risk roles at Coinbase, Google, bitFlyer, and VAAC.