CCUA offers educational opportunities thru live and recorded webinars. Advance your education on a variety of industry specific topics through the Credit Union Webinar Network.

CCUA has partnered with the industry's leading webinar provider for the Credit Union Webinar Network powered by Financial Education and Development, Inc. (FED, Inc.), to provide member credit unions with both live and recorded webinar opportunities of the highest quality.

Image of CU Webinar Network

The Credit Union Webinar Network currently delivers quality webinar training for credit union employees in all 50 states. The synergy of these relationships allows for more than 120 webinars to be successfully delivered annually, covering critical issues for every level of the credit union. The success of this program is the result of utilizing industry experts with long-term, real-life, hands-on experience; extensive knowledge of technology that enables webinar delivery of the highest quality; and above all, a commitment to superior service. 

The Credit Union Webinar Network is available to current members of CCUA.  Log-in below to learn more.

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