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Data has been called one of the most important investments an organization can make by Forbes, McKinsey & Gartner. When credit unions leverage their data, they can 1) Increase member acquisition and retention, 2) deliver relevant value to the member, 3) Improve risk identification and establish effective early warning systems, and 4) create innovative products to lessen member frictions and increase engagement. 

7-Class Series

This course helps credit unions develop data confidence and capability via delivering:
Proficiency in the following data educational domains
• Enterprise data vision
• Member-centered data use case
• Understanding/defining data maturity
• Essentials of data governance
• Creative data consumption by enterprise talent
• Workplace adoption

Launch of data journey
• Application of educational knowledge
• Learn and apply design thinking & agile methodology on real world problems
• Gain data confidence
• Experience results


7 Videos (10 – 15 min)
#1: The member problem/friction & data to solve it
#2: Top 10 Data analytical tools
#3: Putting some "ahh" into Data Governance
#4: 5 phase data adoption into the workplace
#5: What is data maturity in 5 min or less
#6. Design thinking - why your members want you do use it
#7: Identify the credit union data "why”. What is the big problem the credit union is hoping so solve when they harness data?

Text: Big Data/Big Climb
A credit union playbook for leveraging data & talent to achieve revolutionary member relationships.

9 Templates
#1: Data Vision
#2: Current State Assessment
#3: Data Strategy
#4: MUX Journey
#5: Data Maturity
#6. Data Governance
#7: Data Talent Consumption
#8: Continuous Capability Roadmap
#9: Launch Plan


The 7-class data education course is a series of 1-hour classes, instructed online live plus out of classroom assignments. 7 CPE are available. Data Education Series students need to complete course exam and provide completed launch plan.
Class #1: Credit Unions have more data than Amazon!
Class #2: What to STOP/START/KEEP doing with data
Class #3: Data transformation is not only for data scientists
             Class #3: Assignment:
             Complete data vision template
             Complete data strategy template & internal assessment

Class #4: Data is awesome, but first, the member
             Class #4: Assignment:
             Complete MUX journey template
Class #5: Who is more mature, your data or teenager?
             Class #5: Assignment:
             Complete data maturity & data governance template
Class #6: Infusing Data into the Credit Union DNA
             Class #6: Assignment:
             Complete data consumption template
Class #7: Continuous Capability Building
             Class #7: Assignment:
             Complete workflow adoption template
              Launch Plan


Deep Dive Data Governance

The mission of a data governance program is to give a formal structure to its data. Its primary focus is on managing data access, quality, and security throughout its life cycle. It has been called a “must-have” by consulting firm McKinsey for enterprise data success. A formal data governance program is already appearing on many regulatory audits and will likely be a mandatory feature of a data program assessment in the next year. The challenge for many credit unions lies in creating a launch plan and having a template for success. This 3-hour webinar will fill these knowledge gaps by providing 1) a basic foundation for data governance, 2) a framework for success 3) a detailed launch road map.


  • 3-hour, Data Governance session
  • Data Governance workbook
  • Foundational Data Governance
  • Data Governance Charter Framework
  • Launch Road Map
  • Actionable learning artifacts: (worksheets, assessment forms, templates)

Anne Legg is the founder of THRIVETM Strategic Services. THRIVE works with credit unions to create revolutionary member relationships via organizational education, member-centric data strategies, and data maturity.
Anne is an award-winning industry expert, author, educator, member-centric data strategist who holds an MBA thesis on the credit union business model. She has worked with over 600 credit union leaders to launch their data journey. She recently published Big Data/Big Climb, the only industry playbook on data transformation and currently the text for Southwest CUNA School of Management course on data analytics. Anne is the course lead faculty. Her work has been published at consecutive International Cooperative Summits, making her the only credit union professional in the United States to achieve this.
In 2019, she successfully climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet.

About the Book
Big Data/Big Climb has been called a must-have guide for those who are looking to improve their members' lives using data. This foundational primer on data transformation uses the metaphor of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to provide both clarity and a framework on this subject.
With sections titled "Which is more mature your data or a teen," and "A Credit Union governs its loans, so why not its data" as well as "Building Credit Union Hakuna Matata" this book cuts through techno-jargon and translates data transformation concepts into a playbook for credit unions to create revolutionary member relationships.