Talent Guided Professional Coaching Services

  • About TalentGuided: Launched in 2019 by the Carolinas Credit Union League, the purpose of this program is to connect professionals seeking self-improvement with qualified coaches who will help them develop new competencies, qualities, and behaviors as leaders and team members. The program puts participants in the “driver’s seat” when it comes to setting their benchmarks for success throughout this coaching experience.
  • Services offered: Business coaching (for all-level employees identified by their organization to participate in this program) and executive coaching (for any professional that is a member of the C-suite)
  • Session packages: Coachees may select from six, eight or twelve sessions to be completed within a period of time determined by the coachee and their coach. They will have a maximum of 60 minutes available per session with their coach.
  • How sessions are delivered: All coaches available through this program are equipped to deliver remote services to their coachee. It’s up to the coachee to express their communication preferences (i.e., video chat, phone call, email, etc.).
  • Program cost: It’s dependent on a couple of factors: (1) the track a coachee participates in (i.e., Business or Executive Coaching); and (2) how many sessions they choose. Business coaching is $175 per session and executive coaching is $350 per session. A discount is available on 12-session packages. Pricing subject to change.
  • Additional FAQ: See additional program details answered on the TalentGuided FAQ webpage
  • How to get started: Go to www.talentguided.com and select “Get Started” to complete the interest form. A rep with TalentGuided will follow-up by phone or email to proceed to the next step in the intake process.
    • Other criteria to get started:
      • New program participants must have a sponsor (typically the organization they work for) to vouch for their participation.
      • The sponsor enters into the service agreement with CCUL/TalentGuided followed by the individual coachee entering into a direct agreement with their coach.
      • From there, each participant will work with their respective coach to set the agenda, session meetings, etc.
  • Who to contact for questions:  TalentGuided team at info@talentguided.com
  • Social media engagement: Follow TalentGuided on Facebook or LinkedIn; and/or use hashtag #talentguided
  • Bonus promotional tool: Invest in Yourself video (published October 2021) - https://youtu.be/F1tMSd1I_uQ

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