CCUA recognizes the on-going need for specific and targeted education and training for credit union staff and volunteers in the many diverse disciplines.

Credit union staff must remain up to date and fine tune skills, while remaining knowledgeable of industry trends, regulatory compliance, the marketplace, and the competition. CCUA's Networks can provide an important solution to these challenges.

Each Network is structured to suit the needs of the individual disciplines within each credit union and the Networks are coordinated by CCUA staff experts in those respective fields. The purpose of these Networks are designed to:

  • provide forums for discussion.
  • provide and share information relevant to credit union staff positions.
  • offer opportunities for education.
  • allow members to share best practices, make new contacts, and keep pace with the changing framework of their business.
  • build relationships with others that face the same workday, operational, and strategic challenges.​

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Network meetings are an excellent opportunity for functional experts within a credit union to meet with other professionals specifically in their area of responsibility.  Network events are open to all CCUA affiliated credit union employees.
Meetings generally begin with a speaker presentation on a topic relevant to the network and provide attendees ample time for dedicated "networking" - a chance to discuss regulatory and examination concerns, to examine policy or procedural issues, to share experiences on vendors and service providers, and to ask questions about topics that others in the room may have already addressed in their own shop. Often resources and tools can be made available to attendees as a follow-up. 

Visit our calendar of events to find our current schedule of network meetings.