Our Education for Credit Unions

Equip your credit union with targeted resources and training.  

Shifting regulations, evolving security threats, and changing industry developments can threaten your ability to serve your members. That’s why CCUA has made education for credit unions one of our top priorities. We understand that effectively serving your members depends on quality learning opportunities. Discover how we provide insight, training, and resources for every level of your organization—from volunteer to front-line staff member.

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    Annual Conferences

    Attend a CCUA conference to sharpen your knowledge, learn about trends in the industry. Volunteers and employees alike can network with colleagues. Discover what our conferences have to offer. View Conferences
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    Professional Development

    Help your credit union successfully navigate operational issues facing the industry, such as compliance or cyber security, as well as soft skills such as supervision, management, and leadership. Attend a CCUA seminar to sharpen your knowledge. Learn More
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    Targeted Credit Union Networks

    Connect with other credit union professionals and stay up to date on the issues affecting your responsibilities. At CCUA, we’ve created a small credit union network, compliance network, lending network, volunteer network, and more. Each meeting gives you the opportunity to discuss important topics, share information, and learn from other functional experts. Join a CCUA network
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    Live and Recorded Webinars

    Partnering with the Credit Union Webinar Network, CCUA offers education for credit unions through webinars. You can secure both live and recorded events on topics ranging from lending and operations to accounting and security. Explore available webinars
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    Customized Training Resources

    No two credit unions are alike. CCUA understands that you may have unique training needs, and we’re here to provide customized guidance. Simply tell us your professional development challenge so we can point you in the right direction. Learn more
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    Select Educational Session Materials

    Access presentations on a variety of topics. CCUA offers credit unions free education sessions at various times throughout the year, providing materials from past events in our member-only portal. Download Resources
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    Small Credit Union Resources

    Small credit unions face a number of unique challenges. At CCUA, we support our smaller credit union members in a variety of ways, including a dedicated network, mentoring opportunities, public relations advice, and more. Gain support for your small credit union today. Get Support

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