CCUA’s Velazquez Joins Discussion with U.S. Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions

March 23, 2023

CCUA's Chief Advocacy Officer Adrian Velazquez recently participated in a CUNA-hosted meeting with U.S. Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Graham Steele. Attendees in the meeting were briefed on Treasury's views and actions responding to Silicon Valley Bank's (SVB) "systemic risk intervention." The Assistant Secretary emphasized Treasury’s commitment in bringing confidence to the financial markets.

Gaining a Sense of Purpose and Understanding

March 12, 2023

As someone with a stint spanning only seven months in the credit union world, I was humbled and surprised to have been nominated by my leadership to represent not only Triangle Credit Union as a GAC Crasher, but if selected, to have the opportunity to represent the great state of New Hampshire as well.

‘Crashing the GAC’ is an experience to be had in the first person; narrating it might not do justice to its deep richness. However, I will take a crack at conveying the feeling I had and continue to, since The Crash.

Discovering Authenticity in Surprising Places

March 07, 2023

As I sit here, back in Massachusetts, the Monday following the closing of the 2023 CUNA GAC, I am struck by how much I learned and grew this this week. If I am being honest, I was not fully invested in Crashing the GAC before I left for Washington D.C., I was busy at work writing my employee reviews and charting new workflows for my department’s 3–6-month future plans, while the GAC just seemed so far away. Even as I was packing my bags the night before, I was thinking about what I needed to do when I got back from Crashing and wondering if I would have time to answer any important Slack messages or emails.

CCUA’s GAC Attendees Receive Briefing; Prepare for Hill Visits

February 27, 2023

Member credit unions of the Association filled a meeting room late yesterday afternoon to receive a briefing from CCUA’s Advocacy team in preparation for their Hill visits. Attendees will call on their respective representatives and senators both today and tomorrow, presenting a unified message on behalf of their many credit union’s members.

Former CCUA Member Credit Union CEOs Inducted into the Credit Union House Hall of Leaders

February 26, 2023

Yesterday, two former Cooperative Credit Union Association member credit union CEOs were inducted into the Credit Union House Hall of Leaders. Gary Furtado, former President/CEO of Navigant CU in Rhode Island and John King, former President/CEO of Eagle One FCU in Delaware received the distinguished honor recognizing their long-time leadership within the credit union community.

CCUA Member Credit Unions Descend on Capitol Hill and the GAC

February 26, 2023

More than 125 credit union executives representing CCUA's four states arrived in Washington, DC, yesterday for CUNA's annual Governmental Affairs Conference.

Meet the Newest Members of Your CCUA Team

February 09, 2023

Cooperative Credit Union Association welcomes Janelle Mullen as Director of Marketing and Jessica Avery, MPPA as Director of Advocacy.

CUNA Mutual Group: An Unmatched Partner

December 17, 2022

As we approach year-end, it’s often a time to reflect back on the past 12 months and in particular to give thanks. From a professional perspective, I am thankful for the tremendous support and partnership CCUA enjoys with our member credit unions. I am also extremely thankful to have such a meaningful and valuable partnership with CUNA Mutual Group.

McLean Sends Comment Letters to NCUA on Federal Credit Union Bylaws and Subordinated Debt

December 05, 2022

McLean commented on NCUA’s proposed rule on Federal Credit Union Bylaws. CCUA supports the Board’s proposal implementing the Credit Union Governance Modernization Act of 2022’s provisions authorizing federal credit unions to expel members for cause based on a two-thirds majority vote of the credit union’s board of directors, with the opportunity for the member to request a virtual hearing. In addition, McLean recently submitted a comment letter to support the NCUA’s proposed revisions to the subordinated debt regulation to give low-income-designated credit unions (LICUs) greater flexibility to participate in the U.S. Treasury’s Emergency Capital Investment Program (ECIP) by extending the maximum term of subordinated debt investments to more than 20 years.

McLean Leads Credit Union Support for Representative James Murphy

November 15, 2022

CCUA President/CEO Ron McLean recently hosted a fundraiser supporting the Massachusetts Chair of the Joint Committee on Financial Services, Representative James Murphy of Weymouth.

McLean Submits Comments on U.S. Treasury Request for Digital Assets AML/CFT

November 06, 2022

Cooperative Credit Union Association President/CEO Ron McLean recently submitted a letter on the U.S. Treasury Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes' (TFFC) Request for Comment on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets focusing primarily on anti-money laundering/countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) policy related to digital assets such as cryptocurrency.

Roundtable Spotlights Top Issues Impacting Delaware Credit Unions

October 27, 2022

The Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) hosted a roundtable meeting at DEXSTA Federal Credit Union, in Wilmington, Delaware, yesterday morning, featuring Kevin Rocks, supervisory examiner at the National Credit Union Administration.

CrossState Credit Union Association Debuts LIVE Video Feed to News Outlets from Capitol Hill in Partnership with the Cooperative Credit Union Association

September 22, 2022

Working together, CrossState Credit Union Association and the Cooperative Credit Union Association established a virtual LIVE video feed where credit union professionals and Hike the Hill presenters were able to conduct interviews and recordings with members of the media and to share with credit union leaders who were unable to participate in person.

McLean Joins Call to Action in Opposition of Proposed Interchange Bill

August 03, 2022

Cooperative Credit Union Association President/CEO Ron McLean joined with CUNA to urge credit unions to share their concerns with the interchange bill introduced by Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Roger Marshall, R-Kan. The bill would allow merchants to route payments through an unaffiliated network.

McLean Shares CU Priorities with Mass. Lawmakers

May 03, 2022

Cooperative Credit Union Association President/CEO Ron McLean met recently with Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and Congressmen William Keating and Stephen Lynch in Washington, D.C.

McLean, Credit Union Leaders hold dialogue with MA Division of Banks

April 28, 2022

Cooperative Credit Union Association President/CEO Ron McLean and 54 credit union leaders from throughout Massachusetts joined MA Division of Banks Commissioner of Banks Mary Gallagher and members of her team to discuss regulatory, examination and consumer compliance developments/priorities.

McLean, Credit Union Leaders Hold Dialogue with RI Speaker of the House Joseph Shekarchi

April 22, 2022

Rhode Island credit union leaders joined with Ron McLean, President/CEO of the Cooperative Credit Union Association, for a dialogue on priority legislation with Representative Joseph Shekarchi, the Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

Gallagher on Compliance with Semi-Annual Reporting of Certain Mortgage Loans: MGL Chapter 244 Section 35B

March 25, 2022

Mary L. Gallagher, Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks, addressed all state-chartered institutions relative to the reporting of certain loan modifications

McLean Hosts Dialogue with Senators Warren and Markey

March 18, 2022

Massachusetts credit union leaders joined with Ron McLean, President/CEO of the Cooperative Credit Union Association, for a dialogue on priority federal legislation with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey. 

McLean Hosts Dialogue with Congresswoman Annie Kuster

March 17, 2022

Credit Union leaders from the Granite State met with Congresswoman Ann Kuster to discuss the impact of credit unions on their members, communities and state. As a member of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce, Congresswoman Kuster oversees legislation relating to consumer protection and product safety, including privacy, cybersecurity, data security, electronic communications, and the internet.

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