Virtual CIOs Offer a Cost-Saving Solution for Strategic IT Management

by Bryon Beilman, iuvo Technologies

Most businesses today find themselves racing to keep pace with rapid advancements in technology. This challenge represents a greater burden for small and mid-sized businesses without strong technology leadership. Often IT staff members are stretched thin, leaving little time to develop comprehensive strategies for technology improvements and investments or be proactively working to protect data.

An increasing number of businesses are choosing to manage the many IT issues competing for staff time by contracting with managed service providers. For overall IT guidance, engaging virtual chief information officer (vCIO) services is emerging as an attractive solution.

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In this era of fast-paced changes in technology, making the decision to hire a managed services partner for CIO responsibilities can be a game-changer. Virtual CIOs offer businesses a strategic and cost-effective way to stay on the cutting edge.

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