Nussle Joins McLean, Panel for ICU Day Dissussion of Cooperative Model

Is your credit union reaping the full benefits and value that’s associated with being a financial cooperative? What avenues for collaboration with non-financial cooperatives are available to you, which can enrich your member engagement efforts as well as your credit union’s distinct culture?

Newcomers to the credit union system and veterans alike are encouraged to join with their colleagues on International Credit Union Day – Oct 21 at 1:00 PM EDT – for an engaging hour-long complimentary webinar discussion on the value of the cooperative business model.

Hear what leading experts have to say from across the cooperative system about our value-centric business model and its unique and powerful influence on the lives of countless peoples throughout the world.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative and the Cooperative Credit Union Association have partnered to sponsor and produce this valuable discussion to members of cooperatives representing a large segment of the co-op system, from credit unions to food and flooring cooperatives with the hope that by fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the cooperative business model, its principles and values, all cooperatives can benefit and thrive.


  • - Ron McLean President/CEO, CCUA
  • - Jim Nussle, President/CEO, CUNA
  • - Doug O’Brien, President/CEO, National Cooperative Business Association
  • - Howard Brodsky President/CEO, CCA Global Partners
  • - Amanda Freund, Member, Cabot Creamery Co-op

With recorded appearances from:

  • - Mark Meyer, President/CEO, Filene Institute
  • - Elissa McCarter LaBorde, President/CEO, World Council of Credit Unions

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Make this year’s observance of International Credit Union Day the start of a new tradition, rooted in a better understanding of the principles and values that make your cooperative organization unique!


Cabot And CCUA

Understanding the Value of the Cooperative Business Model

A comlimentary webinar to mark the observance of International Credit Union Day

Thursday, October 21, 2021     |     1:00 PM EDT


The webinar link will be emailed prior to the event