The 151st Delaware General Assembly Begins its 2021 Session

The members of the 151st Delaware General Assembly will meet for the first time January 12th as lawmakers begin their 2021 legislative session. The Senate is scheduled to convene at two o'clock and the House will convene at noon.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, legislators will start their new session as they ended their last one -- virtually.

Activities in the House of Representatives will include the administration of the Oaths of Office, the adoption of House Rules, and the examination of the Certificates of Election.

While the General Assembly is meeting virtually this session, the public will have an opportunity to watch a live stream and will also be able to playback the recorded proceedings.

Committee meetings will be streamed online and citizens will be able to offer testimony during the virtual events.

The guidelines below outline how the public can watch and participate. These protocols are new and are a departure from how the legislature streamed and archived content last year:

  1. To watch the House and Senate's LIVE session proceedings: Go to Click on the appropriate link under "Live Proceedings" (near the upper right corner of the page).
  2. To watch the House and Senate's recorded proceedings: Go to Go to "MEETINGS & ARCHIVES” (found at the top right corner of the page) to access the archived material on YouTube.
  3. For the public to watch legislative committee meetings: Go to Go to the “Legislative Calendar” (middle left side of the page) for the list of committee meetings. Click on the appropriate committee meeting and then select "meeting link" to sign-up to receive a ZOOM link for that event. There will be an opportunity for public participation.

There are currently no plans to record and archive committee meetings, so they will only be accessible as they are streamed.