Special Olympics Rhode Island Acknowledges Million Dollar Year for Credit Unions of Rhode Island

Last week, Special Olympics Rhode Island (SORI) CEO Dennis DeJesus; Director of Marketing Gerri Walter; athletes – Michael Lucca, Kaitlin Leiper, Christopher Lussier and Diana Halleman; and CUs of Rhode Island Social Responsibility Committee Liaison Donna Bevilacqua visited 15 credit unions in honor of the Million Dollar Year of support for SORI.

During the visits, which spanned four days, the group thanked each credit union and presented a special framed memento commemorating the autographed “Thanks A Million” banner displayed at the conclusion of the CUs of RI charity golf tournament from Special Olympics Rhode Island. Each credit union also received a tray of homemade Italian cookies for the employees baked with love by SORI Finance Officer Robin Derobbio.

The visits were well received, and the credit unions most appreciative of the recognition. They enjoyed spending time with each athlete that presented the cookies.

At every visit, DeJesus expressed his gratitude by saying, “On behalf of our athletes, we are so grateful for our partnership with the Credit Unions of Rhode Island and their efforts to surpass one million in donations as we celebrated our 50th anniversary. It is a partnership that we cherish, and hope continues long into the future.” On the last day, he focused on the frame tagline by saying it aloud … “Together We Are Changing the World.”

Below are photos from some of the visits featuring Alliance Blackstone Valley Federal Credit Union; Blackstone River Federal Credit Union; Pawtucket Credit Union; Pawtucket Municipal Employees Credit Union; and Postal Employees Regional Credit Union. Look for the remaining photos in the next few days.

Photo Collage