RTN Federal Credit Union and RTN GoodWorks Foundation Provide Financial Education for Local Youth

As part of their ongoing commitment to local families and youth, RTN Federal Credit Union and RTN GoodWorks Foundation recently hosted a virtual two-part series on “Money Management” and “Saving and Investment Basics” for Waltham High School Business Club students and Our Lady’s Academy eighth-grade students. Seminar presenters were from RTN Financial and Retirement Group and American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc.

A total of 76 students, ages 12 to 18, and teachers attended the seminars. Two seminars were held in February and two were held in March. Topics covered included how to manage money you earn, how to plan for future earnings, how to invest money and how to think about future debt. The seminars introduced financial concepts through conversation, and interactive questions and answers.

            “The material covered in RTN’s seminar is information every high school student should gain exposure to, and it was refreshing to see each topic broken down for teenage learning,” comments Michael Wilder, Business Teacher, Waltham High School. Chandra Minor, Principal of Our Lady’s Academy, also noted, “This very practical training will serve our eighth-grade students well now and in the future.”