On the Brighter Side

Credit unions are coming together to help their communities during these uncertain times. Of course, they are providing much-needed financial relief through a vast assortment of products and services. But, for credit unions, it’s about more than the money. It’s about community. Please share your story today at: https://www.ccua.org/cu-coronavirus-survey

Mills42 Federal Credit Union Uplifts Through Acts of Kindness

When times are tough, the leadership of a few can help an entire community rise up. Thanks to the team at Mills42 Federal Credit Union, a number of individuals under the most financial stress right now have received unexpected help. Currently, Mills42 is awarding 100 Market Basket gift cards worth $10,000 in all.

This giveaway benefits members of Mills42 who are experiencing the most adverse economic impacts of COVID-19—especially families struggling to put food on the table.

“After getting feedback from local charities, we found the quickest way to help our community was through food,” says Carla Rasetta, President/CEO of Mills42 FCU.

The gift card giveaway was funded by a grant from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) that Mills42 applied for. It’s just one of many acts of kindness Mills42 has spearheaded since the start of the pandemic.

Rasetta and her team also prepared 118 federal income tax returns at no charge for low-income individuals and families, resulting in more than $500,000 in refunds; donated $1,000 to Budget Buddies, a nonprofit providing financial literacy programming and individualized coaching to low-income women; made a $1,000 meals donation to Lowell Transitional Living Center, which provides the most vulnerable adults in the Lowell community with shelter, showers, laundry and food; and surprised 40 random senior shoppers at Market Basket with $25 gift cards.

“We’re passionate about nonprofits and acts of service that closely align with the community that we try to help build from here,” says Rasetta. “Ultimately, we want to make somebody feel like today is a good day.”