Merrimack Valley Credit Union partners with Kasasa® to Launch the Take-Back Loan

Merrimack Valley Credit Union (MVCU) is proud to announce its partnership with Kasasa, an award-winning financial technology and marketing service provider. For the first time, they will be offering the Take-BackTM Loan, which allows borrowers to easily access any extra money they’ve paid toward their loans if they need it later – with no penalties or rate changes.

With the Take-Back Loan, borrowers can pay extra toward their loan, which is applied to their debt but also designated as their Take-Back® balance, which can be transferred to their checking account at any time without penalty. The game-changing flexibility of the Take-Back means greater financial freedom for borrowers, who are often forced to choose between saving for unexpected expenses and paying down their loans.

“MVCU is committed to providing our members with the products and services that will help them achieve their financial goals,” said Robert Cabral, VP of Consumer Lending at MVCU. “The Take-Back Loan puts the member in control. They get to make the decisions that best fit their financial situation, whether it’s paying a little extra each month, or claiming that extra money back when they need it. This loan provides members with the flexibility they’ve been seeking for years.”

Kasasa is dedicated to preserving the human connection people find at their local banking institutions and partners solely with community banks and credit unions to provide access to innovative products and help keep money local. Just as people are proud of supporting local businesses by eating and shopping locally, now they have one more reason to be proud of banking locally.

“Finances are among the most personal aspects of our lives and it’s crucial to partner with an institution that understands your unique situation and has your best interest at heart,” said Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. “Community banks and credit unions have always offered that distinctive one-on-one connection that is missing in the world of finance today. That’s why Kasasa offers its accounts exclusively at community banks and credit unions, so they can continue to do what they do best – provide human connection in banking, invested in their communities, and have a tangible impact in people’s lives. We’re proud to partner with MVCU and help them serve the community they love.”

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