Members First Credit Union Headquarters Recognized for Construction Excellence

Builder Sullivan Construction Receives 2022 Excellence in Construction Award

Members First Credit Union’s new headquarters, which opened in the fall of 2021, was recently recognized by Construction Resource magazine. The publication awarded construction manager Sullivan Construction the Excellence in Design/Build Award for the tremendous job they did in constructing the facility located at 7 Salmon Street in Manchester.

Construction Resource noted the beauty of the building and its role in downtown Manchester. Instead of being greeted by vacant lots as they enter the city, visitors to Manchester now see a “three-story, red-brick Victorian.” The architecture was carefully designed to seem at home with the other surrounding buildings, creating what Construction Resource described as a “beautiful gateway to downtown Manchester.”

The publication also noted the challenges that were overcome as part of the build. Most notably, the headquarters was constructed during the height of the pandemic. In addition, great care had to be taken to protect the city streets and a nearby neighborhood.

“After 14 months of construction, the new Members First Credit Union Headquarters transformed two overgrown, abandoned lots in Manchester’s historic North End into a beautiful building that reflects the surrounding architecture and truly represents the North End of the City,” the article concluded.
“We are delighted to see our friends and partners at Sullivan Construction acknowledged for the incredible job they did in building our headquarters,” said Karl Betz, Members First Credit Union SVP/CFO and Interim CEO. “It was amazing to watch it take shape and we are grateful for the privilege of working in this beautiful space.”