MemberClose offers Webinar of Virtual Appraisals

Next Wednesday, May 27th MemberClose will present a Webinar addressing the challenges related to processing and closing loans during the pandemic.  The focus of this webinar will be on the property valuation.  All credit unions are welcome to attend.

This Webinar will provide a demonstration of a Guided Homeowner Inspection Solution that can be combined with a Desktop Appraisal or a Collateral Point Report.  Both of these will eliminate the need for your members to have any physical contact with an outside service provider.  These new products both will deliver a higher level of review and reporting on the subject property.

The webinar will be hosted by ProTeck, a long-time partner of MemberClose.  Many credit unions are familiar with the Exterior and Interior Collateral Point property valuation offered by ProTeck.  ProTeck’s new Validity product provides a web-based tool that requires the member/homeowner’s engagement.  The photos taken by your member are used in conjunction with either the Collateral Point valuation or the USPAP Compliant Appraisal Desktop that is reviewed and signed by a locally licensed appraiser.

The demonstration will begin in the MemberClose platform where the order for the report will be initiated by the hypothetical credit union.  The process will continue with receipt of the order by the sample homeowner.  The next step will show how the homeowner fulfills their responsibilities by taking the required pictures of both the outside and the inside of their home.  Lastly, attendees will see the resulting reports that get completed and uploaded back to the credit union.

MemberClose Webinar Series
Virtual Appraisal & Other Property Valuation Options

Presented by ProTeck
Wednesday, May 27th 2020
11:15 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m. EST

To register, please email and a link to the session will be provided.