Massachusetts Judiciary Committee Public Hearing - Advancing Remote Electronic Notarization

  • September 17 2019
  • Advocacy

The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Judiciary (“Committee”) held a public hearing yesterday on matters relating to civil action. Most importantly for Association members, several proposals relating to electronic and remote electronic notarization were on the docket and heard. 

In delivering expert credit union testimony, Digital Federal Credit Union participated in a panel discussion to alert lawmakers to the importance of advancing remote electronic notarization this session. By supporting House 3293, An Act Modernizing Notary Services, the credit union articulated the consumer benefits of electronic notarization. This measure is sponsored by Representative Carmine L. Gentile (Sudbury). The bill substantively amends state law to join approximately 39 other states in authorizing the activity in the Commonwealth. 

In Massachusetts, the credit union serves 300,000 members and services approximately $2 billion in mortgage loans. In conducting surveys after each loan is made, the credit union testified that the top comment from members was a request for more electronic signatures. The credit union believes that favorable consideration of the legislation will provide for a more transparent and improved consumer experience. Attorneys will still be present to offer advice while utilizing a tool to help them keep up with technological advancements. While acknowledging that House 3293 does not permit full remote electronic notarization, the credit union noted that the bill is a significant step toward the modernization of the closing process and use of notaries in the Commonwealth. 

The text of the House 3293 and its status may be found HERE

The Association was also in attendance at the public hearing to lend its support to the credit union and advancement of the bill. In its testimony, the Association also supported House 3292, An Act Establishing a Commission on Electronic Notarization. Specifically both oral and written testimony was provided and may be found HERE. The Association also partnered with a Representative Gentile to introduce the measure, who amended the text to expressly include credit unions. 

The Association asserted that the issue of remote electronic notarization is a significant and complex issue worthy of a panel of experts, such as credit unions, to inform the Committee and others of best practices to provide consensus during deliberations in advancing remote online closings. 

The text of the House 3292 and its status may be found HERE

At this time, the Committee has not taken further action on the bills.