Looking to Better Serve Veterans in Your Membership?

The Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) is looking for credit unions who share its dedication to serving our Nation’s Veterans. The Veterans Banking Benefit Program (VBBP) is a free program designed to provide all Veterans a safe and reliable way to receive and manage their VA monetary benefits by depositing funds directly into their new or existing credit union account.

VBBP offers Veterans simplified banking choices by helping those eligible to select the right credit union for themselves and their families. It introduces banking options to eligible veterans who do not currently have bank accounts, and it does not require Veterans satisfied with their current financial situation to change how they receive their VA monetary benefits.

If your shop wishes to join and participate in the Veterans Benefits Banking Program, your credit union must provide the following products and services to eligible veterans.

  • Offer a free checking account, with no minimum balance, to a veteran, their beneficiaries, or their caregivers who bring a monthly monetary benefit deposit to the institution.
  • Offer assistance to a veteran who does not currently qualify to open an account. At the financial institution’s discretion, this assistance can be provided through financial products, education, and counseling.

Participation in the VBBP does not require membership with DCUC. For more information on the VBBP, click HERE or contact DCUC's Vice President, Beth Merlo (bmerlo@dcuc.org or 202.734.5007).