HUECU Staff Thanks All Frontline Workers

Staff at HUECU appreciate all frontline workers for their continued efforts during the pandemic.

During this season of thanks and always, HUECU staff are grateful for all the frontline workers who have consistently shown up for our communities during this pandemic.

HUECU salutes all the grocery store employees, poll workers, healthcare workers, environmental service workers, delivery people, restaurant workers, first responders, hair stylists, transportation workers, government officials, religious organizations, community based organizations, food drive volunteers, teachers, frontline staff at financial institutions, postal workers, veterinarians, and all other front line workers! HUECU staff knows it hasn’t been easy, and are thankful for all the work the frontline workers have done and continue to do to keep us all safe, happy, and healthy.

An HUECU video of appreciation may be watched and shared at

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