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Help Your Employees $AVE on Prescription Drug Costs Now

Watch the video!


By Mike McKenna, Alera Group Senior Partner

The average American fills 12 prescriptions per year and most health insurance companies assign drugs to one of 4 categories based on cost. They are Generic, Preferred Brand, Non-preferred Brand and Not Covered. Recently, health insurance companies have ‘dumbed down’ their coverage by asking consumers to pay higher out-of-pocket copayments and coinsurance for many drugs.  In fact, insurance companies may no longer have the best price. As a result, there has been an explosion of consumer-friendly assistance programs, outside of insurance, that seek to save, including coupon programs like GoodRx.

Did you know that you can help your employees (even those not on a medical plan) save on the cost of their prescriptions through the “Your Rx Saver” program offered by the Alera Group as benefit to members of the Cooperative Credit Union Association? This is NOT simply a coupon program. It’s much more robust, so I encourage you to watch the video to learn more.

Here are some savings opportunities you can deploy NOW to your employees and their families through the YourRxSaver program, using company code CCUA:

1. Thousands of Generic drugs are offered for $4.00 or less to our members.

2. YourRxsaver does offer coupons which may be used in lieu of insurance if it means that consumers will pay less than buying the drug through insurance. These coupons can be a Godsend for those people who may not be covered by their credit union benefits program, have high deductibles, copayments, or need a medication simply not covered by insurance.

3. Manufacturer programs – millions of dollars have been set aside by drug companies through class action settlements with the Federal Government. Some employees, or their family members, may qualify for financial assistance programs that pay the entire prescription cost (or a portion of the cost) even if they have insurance!

4. And much more! There are ways to get free or discounted rates at medical and mental health clinics and on Durable Medical Equipment. Savings also exist for diagnosis-based support programs like rides to appointments and day camps and much more.

Here’s a real-life example of the savings that my family received for ONE prescription:

Medication: Winlevi Acne Cream, 60mg

Retail Cost: $600.00

Ins Cost: $550.00

YourRxSaver found a manufacturer savings program available. I registered using just my name, email and date of birth.

I picked up the prescription at the pharmacy for only $36.00!!  That’s a savings of $564 over retail for ONE prescription!!

Bottom line: Watch the Video.

$AVE Money NOW at   Use Company Code: CCUA