EANE Weekly: Hotline Call of the Week, EEO-1 Portal; Scaling the Pandemic Wall; Documentation Skills

Hotline Call of The Week

QUESTION: I have an employee who travels from one company location to another during the course of the workday. Do I have to pay for that travel time?


Yes. Travel that occurs after an employee reports to work is viewed as “hours worked” for Fair Labor Standards Act purposes whereas a normal “home to work” travel or commute is not. Therefore, if an employee after reporting to work has to travel elsewhere for the company’s benefit, that such travel would be considered work time.

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Learn More About the NEW EEO-1 Portal

May 13 @ 08:30 am

All companies are required to create new user accounts to access the EEOC’s new EEO-1 portal. CCUA members can learn more about the new portal on May 13 in a FREE WEBINAR from EANE. Register using this special link.

Scaling the Pandemic Wall

The Mental Health Challenge - Article submitted by Allison Ebner

A little over a year into the pandemic, we are starting to see the sunshine on the horizon. With cases dropping and vaccine availability gaining strength, we are seeing the light at the end of this very long road. But despite our optimism, there could be some really dark days ahead for many people, including our employees.  Click here to read the full article

Documentation Skills for the Supervisor (Virtual)

May 19 @ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm EDT - $175

In this interactive, half-day program, you’ll learn the importance of consistent disciplinary and documentation processes in mitigating legal risk, the pros and cons of progressive discipline, how the disciplinary process can assist in holding employees accountable and reinforcing good behaviors. Learn the “who, what, when, and how” of effective performance documentation, including a simple formula to get documentation right.

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