Delaware’s 151st General Assembly Selects New Leaders

The 15 members of the Delaware House of Representatives’ Republican Caucus have selected their leaders for the 151st General Assembly. The new bosses are the same as the old bosses.

State Rep. Danny Short, R- RD 39, was selected as House Minority Leader. The most tenured member of the House Republican Caucus, Rep. Short was first elected in 2006 and has served as House Minority Leader since 2012.

State Rep. Tim Dukes, R- RD 40, was again chosen as House Minority Whip. It is the second consecutive term Rep. Dukes has been selected to serve in this role by his caucus colleagues. The Laurel Republican was first elected to the House in 2012.

Danny Short and Tim Dukes
Danny Short                                                 Tim Dukes

The new General Assembly will not meet as a group – either virtually or in person – until Tuesday, January 12, 2021.  However, all state lawmakers elected last week have already begun their new terms of office, preventing Delaware from having “lame duck” legislators. 

The other leaders for the 151st General Assembly are as follows:

House Democrats

  • Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf (tentative, pending a vote by the full House of Representatives), D- RD 14
  • Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst, D- RD 15
  • Majority Whip Larry Mitchell, D- RD 13

Senate Republicans

  • Minority Leader Gerald Hocker, R- SD 20
  • Minority Whip Brian Pettyjohn, R- SD 19

Senate Democrats

  • Senate President Pro Tem Dave Sokola (tentative, pending a vote by the full Senate), D- SD 8
  • Majority Leader Sen. Bryan Townsend, D- SD 11
  • Majority Whip Sen. Elizabeth Lockman, D- SD 3